group-people-talking Today, in the impersonal world of technology, people seem to be open to hear  one’s personal story about just about anything.  This cultural  characteristic gives one, who is a follower of Jesus Christ, a special opportunity.

          When you are led to share with another person the personal story of how you met Jesus Christ and how knowing him has given you happiness and meaning in with your life is encouraging to the listener and far less threatening than even an invitation to attend church.  It is simply one real 'flesh and blood person' who can be seen and heard  “sharing” their  story of why he or she is a follower of Jesus Christ.   That kind of witness cannot be refuted by the listener.

          The Bible affirms that each of us has a story to tell.  In our opinion it may or may not seem dramatic or impressive.  But one thing is for sure:  It has absolute integrity, for it is the teller’s story.  That alone makes it powerful regardless of the particular content.

          To get in touch with one’s personal story is the first step in an evangelistic witness.  Each follower of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior has a story that is unique and powerful, with the primary character being Jesus Christ rather than the teller or witness.

          To recollect and tell one’s story one must seek the help of the Holy Spirit to excite our memories, so that we can recall how God used people to influenced us to follow Jesus Christ, and remember those events or experiences that God used to draw us in faith to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Be patient with yourself.  Do the work to “get in touch” with your story.  In prayer, ask for recollections that contribute to your story.

1.  On a piece of blank paper draw a circle whose circumference touches the edges of the paper.

2.  In the very center of the circle place a small circle representing you.

3.  As you remember people, individuals or groups that have had a part in your faith story, draw a circle representing each one inside the present two concentric circles.  Those who have had a great impact on you should be represented by circles close to your circle.  Those of less import, placed toward the outer edge.  These will be the characters in your true story of when you made that decision to ask the Lord to forgive your sin and you accepted the mercy of his blood shed for you on Calvary.   In this decision you asked Jesus Christ to be part of your life through the power of the Holy Spirit and made a commitment to follow and live for him. 

4.  As you remember and think of these persons give thanks to God for their impact upon your life.  Do not hurry this process. It may take a short or prolonged time to complete your circle story.  

5.  At the same time take a piece of plain paper and lengthwise draw a time-line citing significant experiences, occasions or events—with approximate dates—that influenced you to become a Disciple of Jesus Christ and what knowing Jesus Christ personally means to you today.  Again, take your time in prayer to under-gird this exercise.

6.  When you are satisfied that you have plumbed the depths of memory from people and experiences that have influenced your faith and what he means to yo today—you have your story.

7.  To compile the story in some kind of narrative form, take your two pieces of paper (your story) and write it as an account.  Read it over and over until it is your own.   Then share it with a friend in faith.  REMEMBER IT.   RECITE IT.   IMAGINE YOURSELF TELLING IT!  

8.  Do not worry about or even be concerned with the results.  That is up to Almighty God.  Our job is to tell our unique, personal story and tell it in love and with confidence.

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Something To Consider

The greatest witness the Church of Jesus Christ should have in its culture would be in arena of morality and spirituality.  We are living in a society where there is so much ambivalence and confusion. It’s truly a morass of sexual and economic confusion, spiritual and religious perplexity and political and social bewilderment.   The Church has been given a vast team of believers to share their faith and tell of what Jesus Christ has done for them.  How are you fitting into God’s plan for the Church to witness to its culture?  -Thomas Q.