GOD'S WILL ~ FINDING & FOLLOWING ~ Acts 16:6ff ~ #191


BIBLE STUDY for  OCTOBER 15,- 21, 2017

Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins, Teacher 


God’s Will... 

that’s such a familiar term to those of us in the Christian community.  It’s very much part of our vernacular as we use the term at appropriate times in our lives.  It’s so easy, however, to give lip service to God’s Will – in language and in deed.  It seems that too many of us are quite good at using the term with an “if it's” in front of it. 

          Regretfully, there are those who do not understand this biblical principle.  Perhaps it’s similar to using the term “The Man upstairs” as a substituted for saying “God” -- not being sure exactly about God or too embarrassed to acknowledge Him before others in our secular humanistic culture.  We might all be surprised at the number of people who do not understand anything but generalities about God’s Will -- what it is for the Church let alone our own lives. 

          This is why Thomas Q. Robbins has chosen a passage in Acts as an attempt to help us all understand how to discover God’s plan for each of our lives and how to implement that plan.  Thomas Q. has chosen the incident in Paul’s life when he was on a missionary journey and was unsure where to go next.

          What would you like to be freed from right now?  What would please you more that anything else if you were released from it or suddenly had it as part of your life?  Do you think that would finally make you happy and give you peace? 

          The truth of the matter is it would not make you happy or give you freedom from the bondage that has been tormenting you.  Happiness can be experience only when you discover and do God’s will.  As one who has accepted God’s terms for the forgiveness of sin, you have perfect peace and the assurance of Eternal Life, which is part of is plan for you’re live.

           But when you discover what God wants for you in everyday life here on planet earth – that discovery and obedience will give true happiness.  We trust the outline below for understanding God’s Will is helpful to your study.

 “Happiness in life is only found when we discover and do God’s Will.” 

  • God allows us to discern His will in various ways.
  • Seldom are the details revealed in His will for our life.
  • Expect the unexpected when you follow God’s will!  That’s a certainty.
  • The reason for this is so we trust Him totally and depend on His strength.
  • God will produce the fruit and blessings resulting from you obedience to His Will -- that is not something you have to do.

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Something To Consider

Scripture makes an incredible assertion: "God lives in those who confess that Jesus is the Son of God and those who confess him live in God."  You mean to tell me that "confessing that one believes that God lives in us and we live in God" is all it takes?   That doesn't make sense!  It just doesn't compute in my 21st Century world!  Do you know why you think that?   It’s impossible to accept this beautiful truth if you only use logic or reason.  Such truth can only can be accepted and believed -- made real -- through simple faith.   (I John 4:16)   -Thomas Q