WHO'S STORY ARE YOU LISTENING TO? ~ Matt. 4:12-23 ~ #193



Week of OCTOBER 22-28, 2917


Here is an excellent “Check up on yourself” lesson to help you evaluate where you are spiritually. 

For the evaluation we need to know the ground rules.  So many think that repenting – feeling sorry for… -- only relates to something in the past, like getting caught.  WRONG!

Repentance is a decision that changes one’s actions and thinking exactly opposite of what one has been doing and thinking.  It’s a total 180.  In the Greek military, if they drilled as we drill today, The platoon leader would or company sargeant would shoult the command “Repent – tence” for a “to the rear march”. 

Repentance does not have anything to do with the past since using it correctly relates to the present AND to the future. 

It has a “from this time forward” meaning which indicates a change in the direction of a life with an orientation toward God.  Repentance makes available forgiveness and total acceptance by God as a part of His grace – It’s free and available to everyone, 24/7, and that means right now.

The question Thomas Q. Robbins deals with in this study is this -- “Can our relationship with God that is established in the first place by His grace and response to our personal repentance be destroyed or nullified by anything we might do or think?” 

Can our conduct or attitude cancel this special personal relationship we have with God through His Son, Jesus Christ and the forgiveness that we experienced?

In this lesson, Thomas Q. moves onto very helpful sidetrack that focuses on importance of the local church and the unique message it has been given.  It’s a message that is not be heard anywhere else in our culture or the World.  No other institution but the church has this message.  It’s a radical story!   If you want to experience true joy, genuine peace, real life with happiness, hope and meaning for now and all eternity. we have to lose our life for the sake of Jesus Christ and the Gospel.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? 


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Something To Consider

We’ve all had our share of failing to accomplish something that we set out to do.  But, failing in this way isn’t the same thing as failure!   Failure occurs when we give up and no longer think that we can succeed.  So remember, success comes in “cans”  --  failure comes in “can’ts!"  The truth is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (Philippians 4:13)    -Thomas Q.