Matt. 31:21-32

          None of us are “locked in” --  prohibited from making changes in our life?  We have the ability and power to decide to do almost anything – and what a gift from God that is.  Changing direction begins with a decision and then a dependence upon God and the Holy Spirit to empower that decision.  We can change direction which is what repentance is all about. 
          The word repentance in the Greek language is a “to the rear march” for you military people and a one-eighty for the rest.  But that’s what God wants us to do with those areas of our life we are not proud of.   You have a potential for new life, new direction, new meaning, new joy.  What are you most recent Good Intentions?  You know they are worthless so why do you keep repeating them?   It’s time to make a decision and change – but youo must realize that you can’t do it by yourself.
          Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins continues his teaching in Matthew and moves us on to chapter 21 and the account of Jesus being questioned about his authority while teaching in the temple.  Jesus cleverly proposes a counter questions that confounded his accusers and then tells the parable about the father who asked his two sons to work in the field.  One son refused but ended up working in the field.  The Second son said that he would and may have had the best intention but ended up not working in the field.   Dr. Robbins dissects this passage with three points:

1.  The road to perdition is paved with “good intentions.”
2.  The Christian faith is NOT just believing.  That belief must RESULT IN ACTION.
3.  The Gospel clearly teaches that we have the potential and power to change.

          The title of this Bible study is “Good Intentions are Worthless” and you can add a subtitle that would continue “And Those Good Intentions Are Little More Than Lies!” but first we need to let our new listeners know more about our unusual speaker on this Come and See program.
          Our passage is from the 21st chapter of Matthew beginning with verse 23.   It’s time for Bible study and we’re so pleased you’re with us today.   We’re about to be reminded that good intentions are nothing more than a fraud, but thank God we have the power to change and turn those good intentions into action.   Let’s see how we can move those good intentions into positive action that is helpful to our self and others.  Let’s hear why “Good Intentions Are Worthless!”  and are “Nothing More than Lies.”   

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Something To Consider

We’ve all had our share of failing to accomplish something that we set out to do.  But, failing in this way isn’t the same thing as failure!   Failure occurs when we give up and no longer think that we can succeed.  So remember, success comes in “cans”  --  failure comes in “can’ts!"  The truth is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (Philippians 4:13)    -Thomas Q.