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of December 3-9, 2017


 Ranch and Mountains         Thomas Q. Robbins will spend some time  in the next few weeks focusing on the book of Acts.  He feels there is not enough teaching currently about the Church which Jesus Christ came to establish and die for.  There is also misunderstanding within our culture and certainly within many members of churches as to the nature of the Church and what its mission is in our modern age.   Our preconceived ideas for the purpose and objective of the Church have come from out of our comfort zone and what is familiar to us.  Most churches have the mind-set that they are to “wait” for the people to come to them.  Not so.

          In this lesson, Paul is on a missionary journey seeking to follow God’s direction.  In this case Paul was hindered by God and prohibited to go to his planned objective.  That night Paul has a dream similar to the dream that Peter had.  Paul’s dream was a clear instruction to take the Gospel to the Gentiles.  This was a revolutionary idea for those in the early church and not accepted by everyone in the early Church.   In Paul’s dream, he was called to come over to Macedonia or the land of the Gentiles.

          Let’s preview what Thomas Q.’s will be touching on in this Bible study.  The 16th chapter of Acts presents the account of the dream that God gave Paul that showed him where God intended the Gospel to be taken, It was not just for the Jew but everybody – the Jew and the gentile or non Jew.  The Gospel of redemption and salvation is for all mankind everywhere.  As we suggested earlier, this was a revolutionary idea to the early church leaders.  The plea that Paul experience in his dream had two parts to it.  In the vision Paul was asked to “Come on over” -- that meant that Paul was to go where the people are – which is personal evangelism.  And then the plea was, “Help Us!”      
          Dr. Robbins makes a strong presentation of what we should be doing as followers of Jesus Christ - show people that you love them as you share your testimpny that is honest, loving and kind.  We have such personal hang-ups that have been culture taught and personality born that keep our mouths shut about spiritual things.  We are so afraid to say anything about what Jesus means to us not realizing that so many people are what our title is for today's lesson, “Tired of Living and Scared of Dying” waiting to hear that God's peace and freedom had been experienced and lived by someone.

           Here’s Dr. Robbins’s with the lesson from the 16th chapter of Acts which he has titled, “TIRED OF LIVING AND SCARED OF DYING.”    


Paul's dream showed showed him that he was being commissioned by God to "COME OVER TO MACEDONIA!"  An unbelieveable action because at  that time followers of Jesus Christ believe that their new understanding of God's Will was for Jews only.  Their Messiah had come.   Go to Macedonia?  Are you kidding?  Yes, the Good News Of God love and forgiveness has allways been for the Jews to be faithful and obedient to God AND A LIGHT TO THE GENTILES.  The church at Jerusalem and the ruling body had a difficult with this new Revelation.



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Something To Consider

The greatest witness the Church of Jesus Christ should have in its culture would be in arena of morality and spirituality.  We are living in a society where there is so much ambivalence and confusion. It’s truly a morass of sexual and economic confusion, spiritual and religious perplexity and political and social bewilderment.   The Church has been given a vast team of believers to share their faith and tell of what Jesus Christ has done for them.  How are you fitting into God’s plan for the Church to witness to its culture?  -Thomas Q.